Friday, May 4, 2007

Google SketchUp on Windows Vista

Google has recently released version 6 of the amazing SketchUp. Even though they do not officially support Windows Vista, I have found that it will install and run if you follow the following procedure:

  1. Download Google SketchUp;
  2. Go to your download directory:
    1. Right click the downloaded file -> Properties;
    2. Go to Compatability;
    3. Activate Compatability mode, select Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
    4. Activate 'run this program in administrator mode' (or something like that, I have a Dutch Vista, so translated this myself)
  3. Now run the setup file
It should all work fine now!


ejdahunta said...

Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wish that was the solution, but I just tried it and it still freezes up. Any other ideas?

Anonymous said...

i´m using SU on vista, and the program was still freezing up on startup after following your directions. I finally got it to work by selecting windows 95 instead of the xp on the compatibility box. thanks to you, wouldn´t have figured it out without your tip! hope that this helps someone having the same problem!

Anonymous said...

oh thank u for this solution without this i can not install on my notbook pc thanx again

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I`m your fan for the rest of my life!
I have my Laptop with windows Vista for about an year and nobody could solve my problem!
Thank you so much, you just saved my day!.. maybe the whole year!

Anonymous said...

Hi I just did what you said but I couldn`t activate the administration mode, It wanst possible. But I did run the program and it worked for a while but them it bloked again.
when i opened the SU it showed this message: "your openGl properties setting have been reset to their defaults. This may have been caused by resetting your windows display properties or by tampering with the sketchup registry"
what is OpenGL?.. i did not reset my windows display settings.. any ways..
any idea what it is? thank you anyway..

dolly gajjar said...

Hey this is Dolly Gajjar.....
Thank u so much....
now it works fine
u saved lot of time...

Thank You so much!!!