Thursday, August 23, 2007

Screen resolutions

According to Google Analytics, 0% of all visitors ever viewing this blog were using a resolution lower than 1024x768. This, of course, is great news! Sadly though, still around 10% of the users world wide use 800x600 (the difference is that this blog is only read by techy people)..

When do you think web developers should drop support for 800x600 clients (and make them scroll)? Which percentage of visitors is acceptable? Does it depend on the target audience of your website? Or should we all start using fluid designs?

1 comment:

JDS said...

Um, hello? Fluid layouts? Anyone? Why does a layout have to be fixed width?

Not that I have anything against fixed width.

Actually, I think a minimum-width, fluid content column, static-widthed nav column layout is preferred.

Of course, my website's layout is fixed width, but one can't always practice what one preaches, now, can one?