Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Quick Review: Zalman VF1000 + RHS88

Just a quickie on some new equipment I just bought. I bought my new PC a couple of months ago, and got into overclocking a bit. My PC has a GeForce 8800 GTS 640 MB graphics card in it.. Of course, it overclocks nicely, but the temperatures are scary to say the least! With the stock cooler I did around 70 idle, 85 degrees at full load (fan auto, Windows Vista). With the fan manually turned up to 100% these temperatures were around 68 idle to 80 at load..

The Zalman VF1000 in combination with the RHS88 heatsink definitely knocked off a lot of degrees, 15 to be exact! My new load temperature is around 65 degrees (fan @ 100%). This, of course, is great! I can actually run the GPU stable at 650/1000 MHz at which the temperatures won't even reach 70! Superb!

Installation was quite doable, however I'd advise you to pay a lot of attention when removing the old heatsink! Also, be sure to clean the old cooling paste of properly (using special chemicals, which you can purchase at your local computer retailer).

The price of the set (you need the RHS88 heatsink if you want to use the VF1000 on a GeForce 8800) is quite high, but of course the performance is incredible! Furthermore it doesn't take up any extra space in your case, which is a big advantage over the HR-03 Plus! Good job Zalman, I'd say!

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Anonymous said...

I'm using this combo to cool my EVGA 8800 ultra superclocked and my load temp is about 58 degrees. It's an awesome product. I highly recommed it as well.